We wrote a BOOK! And even recorded an AUDIOBOOK too!

Travel, Misadventures, and Love Around the World


You and Me is a laugh-out-loud compilation of travel stories by husband and wife creatives, Michael S. Ryan and Kristen Herrington. From the textured rainforest of Costa Rica to the streets of Bangkok, this book is about the journey of falling in love, at times beautifully evocative and at others wildly amusing. The authors give tips for wary travellers, and show quite definitely how wandering down the street following your nose is better than following the guidebook every time. 

Ryan and Herrington are true adventurers unafraid of diving head first into the spontaneity of the moment. They don their backpacks to hike a volcano in flip-flops, sprint through airports, encounter foreign drug dealers and take you places you’ve never imagined.  

The book is a perfect fit for readers who want to learn the art of people-watching and get out of resorts and into the busy marketplace. It is a gem for anyone planning their first trip overseas or simply wanting to escape into the myriad of destinations without leaving their armchair.


This isn’t a book. This is a love letter. To travel; to the real world—the one with near-death blisters, almost shipwrecks, and fond memories of literal pant shitting—and most of all to a wife from her husband and to a husband from his wife. It’s touching, hilarious, heartfelt, horrifying, real. The perfect antidote for the real world.” - Morgan Murray, author of Dirty Birds
Reading Michael and Kristen's book will make you feel drunk on Krazy Koconuts and as high as three giraffes standing on each other's heads. Their bond is stronger than Jose Canseco on steroids. ​If you enjoyed these metaphors, read the book. Wait, or were they similes? ​Anyway. Read the book.” - Jonathan Torrens, Actor/Writer/Producer